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One of the main reasons for the peace and happiness of human beings is to play Soccer in the current world. Soccer is the most popular sport in the current world. Soccer was born in China due to the popularity of Soccer in the world. World Cup Soccer competition was organized every four years. In many European and American countries, Soccer has earned national status. This game has its popularity and popularity all over The world.

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History of Soccer:

A classic game of Soccer. First of all China was born in Soccer game. Soccer is also known as 'Soccer'. But modern Soccer was introduced in England. The game was spread quickly around the world.

Expanding the global Soccer game: Soccer is not just Europe America today, it has expanded all over the world. Soccer is playing today in our school-college, on-field grounds. Everyone from across the country, from villages to cities, has to take part in Soccer. There is no country in the present world where Soccer is not played. Smaller players can understand Soccer as well as play, or enjoy playing with pleasure or playing. The impact of Soccer today is noticeable worldwide.

Field description and players:


100-120 yards long and a flat ground of 50-56 yards width is required to play Soccer. There are two goal space on both sides of the field. The height of each goalpost is 8 feet and is located 8 yards from one bar or the other. The weight of an ideal Soccer is usually 14-16 oz. There are a total of 22 players required to play Soccer, who play 11 groups each side. There is a main referee for managing the game and he has two linesman to help him.

Playing Soccer:

Two groups face to face in the middle of the field for the game. The referee starts playing with the blow after blowing in the bamboo and every player goes to his position. Generally, five of the 11 players stand in the front, those who forward, three behind them are midfielders or half back, behind them two or two defenders are in front of the defense or flower back and goal keeper, who is protecting the ball from all rounds. Without a break in the middle of 45 minutes in total 90 minutes is the length of a Soccer match.

Play the game:

There are certain laws in the game of Soccer playing just like any other game. These rules are all made by Soccer Regulatory Agency FIFA. Just like the ball should be placed in the middle of the field. Playing with the referee flute, you have to start playing. Only someone with the ball will be able to catch or not with the ball. Handball is not acceptable to the rules and the free kick is hit on the opposing team. Nobody will be kicked or punished by unlawfully, as the referee punishes the player by showing him a red or yellow card. Those players cannot play again if they get a red card. Since 1984 the rules for showing this card are introduced. In addition, jersey number has been introduced since 1935, recognizing players easily.

World Soccer Regulatory Agency (FIFA):

FIFA (Federation of International Soccer Association) was established to introduce and control the rules of Soccer throughout the world. Founded on May 21, 1904 in Paris in France, the company was established. It is currently headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. FIFA's current president Sepp Blatter FIFA Current Members 209 the organization organizes the World Cup Soccer tournament every 4 years. The agency also represents women's Soccer as well as the Soccer World Cup. Each year, the organization selects team ranking each year.

Soccer World Cup:

Soccer history is long overdue, but the World Cup Soccer competition was first held in 1930 in Uruguay. World Cup Soccer tournament is held every 4 years after FIFA. Initially, the trophy name of the World Cup Soccer was called the Julimir Cup. In 1974, the trophy was named FIFA World Cup. World Cup Soccer's 20th edition has been in Brazil in 2014. Germany have been champion in the tournament losing Argentina However, Brazil has won the most five times in World Cup Soccer. The Golden Ball is awarded to the best player in World Cup Soccer and the Golden Ball for the highest scorer. The 21st World Cup will be held in Russia and the 22nd edition of 2022 will be held in Qatar.

Benefits of playing Soccer:

Soccer is not just a game, it is also fun entertainment, as well as physical exercise through this play. Moreover, the Soccer game has become a huge profitable business worldwide today. European Soccer clubs in Europe are one example of Soccer trade. As the psychological disturbance is overcome by playing soccer, its excitement will make the mind feel happier. The body is always fit enough to run and work hard to play Soccer. The strict rules of the game help the character and mental development of the players. A good player, like him, gets world-wide reputation as well as earns a lot of money. Lionel Messi is the richest Soccer player in the world.

The world's top Soccer stars and clubs:

The legendary Soccer legend of the Soccer world is Brazilian footballer Pele. Also known as the Argentine Princess of Maradona Soccer. Apart from Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Zidane, one of the leading stars of current Soccer. Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayan Munich, Dortmund, Chelsea, Manchester City, etc. One of the best Soccer clubs in the world. Soccer is spreading madness around the world through Copa America, Confederation Cup, Asia Cup, European Champions League, SA Games, and Clear Games etc.

Soccer is a source of eternal joy to billions of people around the world. In the Soccer game, the rate-win, there is tears of joy and pain the joy that is beyond the pain is pleasant fighting and superiority, the dignity of the country and the desire for victory. The Soccer game creates ties of love between people around the world. That's why soccer games are at the top of the world's popularity beyond all sports.


How To Play Soccer:

Soccer is very ancient. This game has become a modern sport in the modern era. The birthplace of modern Soccer game England. The laws of Soccer play were made in England. Due to the popularity of this game, it is spread all over the world very quickly. Although Bangladesh is a small country, Soccer is not less popular here too. FIFA (Federation International's Soccer Association), which is part of the International Soccer Federation (FIFA), was formed in Paris on May 21, 1904. Soccer has been expanded in various countries through efforts and cooperation of this organization. Popularly, Soccer is the universal game in the world, for the management and control of the game There are 17 laws, the International Soccer Federation organizes and enforces the game, so that the game is held throughout the world in the same way, as the players follow the rules and apply the rules of the referee fairly and neutral so that the game becomes ever happy. The laws below are discussed consistently-

Field Used In Soccer:

The first of the Soccer law is the field. The length of the field is 130 yards or 120 meters. Minimum 100 yards or 90 meters. Width is maximum 100 yards or 90 meters, minimum 50 yards or 45 meters.

The size of the field at international level -

A. Length - 120 yards, width - 80 yards.

B. Length -115 yards, width-75 yards.

C. Length-110 yards, width-70 yards.

Any one of these three-sided field is applicable for international, national competition, but for the younger boys of the school, a length of 100 yards and a width of 50 yards can be taken.

1.1 Spots: Each spine will be 5 inches wide. The length line marks the touch line and the width of the sphere as the round line.

1.2 Ground Area: Two rounds of 6 goals in front of both goals and 6 yards in front should be added by a straight line, whose length is 20 yards. The area inside this stain is called a round area.

1.3 Penalty area: A straight line with 18 yards both sides of the goal post and 18 yards in front should be drawn, which will be 44 yards in length and the inner area is called a penalty area.

Penalty Mark: The penalty mark that marks the penalty kick by putting the ball on the ball is called Penalty Mark. From the middle of the two rounds of the post, the sign should be 12 yards away, with a diameter of 9 inches.

1.5 Corner Flag: There will be 4 flags on the four corners of the field. The height of the flag rod is at least 5 inches. The head of the post will not be visible and the head will be fitted. There are two flags in the middle of the field. Call it an optional flag.

1.6 Corner area: To draw a circle with a yard radius from the corner of the corner. The ball in which to kick the corner.

1.7: Goal Post: The height of the crossbar below the ground 8 feet and the middle of the post is 8 yards. The goal behind the goal post will be to mesh. The nets are to be trimmed so that there is no difficulty in the movement of the goal keeper.

1.8 Center Circle: In the middle of the middle line, a circle with a 10-yard radius is to be drawn, which is called the center circle.

Soccer ball: The circumference of the ball 68-70 cm, while the start of the game, the weight of the ball will be 410-450 grams.

Number of players: 18 players will be composed of one team. 11 will play in the field while the remaining seven will be out of the field as additional players. However, the number of players in the regional or inter-school competitions can be reduced.

4. Players' equipment: A player's compulsory dress shirt or jersey, shorts or half pants, socks, shin gigs and boots. No objects or clothing that can be dangerous for other players can not be worn.

5. Referee: Having a referee for managing the game.

6. Deputy Referee: There are two deputy referees to help the referee. There is also a Chathuth referee outside the field. He also helped referee to manage the game.

7. Playing time: During the international and national level, the breaks of 45 minutes per half will not exceed 15 minutes.

8. Start of the game: At the beginning of the game, the players of both teams are in their own half. The game starts with Kick Off, along with the referee's signature.

9. Ball is played in and out: The ball is caught out of the ball or touchlines completely by rolling the ball or by zero. If the ball is on top of the stain, it will be considered in the game.

10. Goal: The goal is to score a goal if the ball is completely filled with two posts or bottom of the ball or a ball rolled through the ground.

11. Off-side: If a player without a ball is in half of the opponent and does not have two players in front of him, then if he gets the ball from his team's player then it will be off-side.

  1. Foul and misbehavior: Two types of kick are given to foul or misbehavior. A. Direct free kick b Indirect Free Kick. The following is a trial or direct free kick for the crime -1. Try to kick or kick the opponent player.2. The opponent player lang killed.

    3. Jumping on the opposing player.

    4. Attack the opponent player

    5. Trying to hit or hit the opponent player.

    6. Push the opponent player.

    7. Confront with the opponent before the ball is played.

    8. Hold the opponent player.

    9. Spin the opponent player.

    10. The ball is deliberately caught by hand, carrying, hitting or moving in front. (This rule does not apply to the penalty area for the goal keeper)

    Indirect free kick is given for lower offenses-

    A. The game that seems dangerous to the referee.

    B. Pushing shoulder with shoulder while not having the ball.

    C. To prevent him from throwing the ball into the ball.

    D The ball does not play well, it does not prevent the other.

    E. Attacking the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper is in his borders.

    F. After leaving the goalkeeper ball touching before the other players touch.

    G. Goalkeeper deliberately ruined time.

    13. Free kick: Whoever has a direct goal is called a direct free kick. The person who does not have a direct goal is called an indirect free kick.

    14. Penalty kick: If any player in the penalty area has one of the 10 crimes, then the opposing team will get a penalty kick. (Not applicable for goalkeeper No. 10).

    15. Throw-in: After the touch line is reached by a player's touch, the opposing team starts playing with the throw from that position and throws it to the throw.

    16. Goal Kick: When the two goals cross the goal line in the face of an opponent player, then the kick kick starts when the ball begins to play.

    17. Corner kick: When the ball goes beyond a goal goalpost, the opposing team gets a corner kick when the ball crosses the goal line.


  2. Soccer is a game of speed, intense physical ability and style game. In English, which is known as Speed, Stamina and Skill, these three qualities will become a good player. The oral techniques of Soccer play, namely:1. Kiking, 2. Heading, 3 Dribbling, 4 Trapping, 5 Tackling, 6. GoalkeepingKick: Soccer footwork. If you can gain control over the ball with the help of foot, then the primary skill of playing Soccer can be achieved. There are three sides of the foot - the inner side of the feet, the outer side of the feet and the tip of the foot (Instep). These parts of the feet are used when kicking. Different kicks die with different parts of the feet. But inside kick can be done easily and accurately and if near, ball passes through this kick. Outside kicks are often used when passing the ball to the right-handed player. That is, passes through the outer part of the feet. To send the ball straight and close to the ground, place the left foot on the left side of the ball and hit the right side of the ball with the upper part of the foot and hit the middle of the ball. The arms should be stretched and the body balance should be kept. The kicking feet are in front. To send the ball high, kick the ball downwards.

    2. Heading: While heading, remember that the ball must be hit with the head. Heading rules-

    A. Head to the flat part of the forehead under the hair.

    B. Look at the ball.

    C. Bring the upper part of the body backwards and hit it with forehead.

    D The two hands are slightly stretched.

    E. Head on the left side, head on the forehead, head on the forehead, just turn the head and send the ball to it.

  3. Dribbling: Rolling the ball on the leg is called dribbling. Drilling is done to give Saritith the right balance. Dribbling -A. Dribbling with the ball near the foot: During the dribbling period, dribbling is done using two inner parts.B. Dryball with a little distance away: This type of dribbling is usually done for speed. Enlarge the ball forward and reinforce it.

    Practice: Standing in the middle of the field will be drawn from the middle to the middle. Once, once with the right foot, will practice with the left foot and later using two legs. Practice using different parts of the feet.

    4. Trapping: Under the body without any hand, it is known as trapping. Different Types of Trapping:

    A. Sole trap

    B. Shin trap

    C. Thai trap

    D Chest trap

    E. Head trap

    A. Sole Trapp: The clogging of the soil or the top of the ball above the feet is called the Soul Trap.

    B. Shin Trap: After the high ball drops on the ground, it is called Shin Trap to stop the ball from Shin.

    C. Thai Trap: Throwing the upper layer down with Thai and throwing it down is called Thai Trap. As soon as the Thai touches the ball, the thita should be pulled downwards. Then the speed of the ball will fall in front.

    D Chest Trap: The high ball is stopped by the chest. As soon as the ball touches the book should be pulled inwards, then the speed of the ball will be stopping.

    E. Head Trap: Holding the ball with a forehead and saying a head trope. The head should be turned backwards and the ball must be tilted backwards.

    Practice: Two faces stand face to face. One will throw the ball, the other stop the trap or stop. The ball must be done in the height. If the ball comes up, then head or chest will be trapped. By doing this practice will achieve competence.

    5. Tackling: A crucial protective strategy game in tackling Soccer. With the help of this, the ball can be taken away from the opponent. The name of the ball to bring the ball under control is called tackling.

    6. Goalkeeping: Goalkeeper's responsibility is much more in Soccer. Goalkeeper can stop the ball with any part of the body. The main catch or stop the ball with the hand. For example,

    A. Bent down the ball: It comes with only dust or slightly above the ball, break the knee through one foot in front and the other leg, and tilt the upper part from the waist to the back of the ball and bring the ball to the chest with two hands.

    B. Hold the ball equal to the waist: First, go to the line of the ball. The eyes will be in the direction of the ball, the two hands will be attached to the chest by hitting it under the ball.

    C. Hold the top ball of the head: jump over the ball while holding the ball and stretch the front of the two hands forward and hold the ball behind the two palms of the ball. Also, the ball should be punched out without trying to catch them out of control.

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