There are many people who want to buy a size 2 soccer ball but do not know anything about size 2 soccer ball. Well here is the solution.


Best Size 2 Soccer ball:

When your kids want to play in a small space them it is the perfect choice for you. This types of football also mini size and promotional type football. The weight of these type of football is around 250 gram and circumference is between 46-50 cm or 20-22 inches.  In professional football we use size two soccer ball for skill training purpose. Size two football is only 7-8 inch diameter. There are different football or soccer manufacturers like Nike, adidas, Wilson, puma. These Companies use size 1 and size 2 football in promotion specially  when they launches new type of soccer ball.

Crocodile Creek Size 2 Soccer Ball
Crocodile Creek Size 2 Soccer Ball

Size 1 Soccer ball and Size 2 soccer ball can be perfect for your baby and kids who intends to play in a small area. Size two football is more like size one football and can be used in skill training. Because of polyester and other soft ingredient these footballs are very handy and perfect for kids or babies. Babies feel comfortable to play with this types of football. Every parents wants their boy or girl will be a great footballer like Messi, Ronaldo, coutinho, pele, maradona. So they often admit their children in academy of many professional club. In little age we often use size one and size two soccer ball in skill training. This trainings will increase ball handling skills and others skills as well.


Why babies need a size two Soccer ball (football) :


Normally babies are very curious. Curiosity is a natural instinct of a baby. Balls of size one and size two are normally  very colorful. Babies are normally attracted by the colors of ball. Some babies are very passionate to watch football game on television because this is very exciting game. Most of the game is played by some kind of ball like lawn tennis, Volleyball, Cricket, Hockey. After watching these kinds of game on television frequently babies become curious about ball.  Scientists said that babies are actually attracted by the color of ball and color of field and movement of players. Because of small size the ball is easy to grab and easy to throw as well as kick. The ball is not so heavy and also soft. That’s why babies just love size two soccer ball.


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Soccer Ball For Kids:

Soccer Ball For Adults:

In football sports there is actually a little differences in size one soccer ball and size two soccer ball. If you are buying for your junior or buy to gift someones kid then two sizes are perfect. You can view Size one soccer Ball From here