After Finishing this article you can know the differences between size 4 soccer ball with size 5 soccer ball. why we need to buy size 4 soccer ball.

Best Size 4 Soccer Ball That you Can Buy:

Ball PictureBall NameBall Size Available
Champion Sports Extreme Tie Dye Soccer Ball - Size 54
adidas Performance Confederations Cup Glider Soccer Ball, Solar Red/Silver Metallic/Black, Size 54
adidas Performance Champions League Finale 18 Capitano Soccer Ball, Light Pastel Green, Size 44
Under Armour Desafio 395 Soccer Ball Size 54
Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball (Black/White, Size 4)4
Vizari Blossom Soccer Ball, Pink/Blue, 34
adidas Performance X Glider II Soccer Ball, White/Solar Green/Black, Size 44
adidas MLS Glider Soccer Ball, White/Blue, Size 54
adidas Performance Starlancer V Soccer Ball, Bright Pink, Size 3 - CW32384
Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball - Size 54
adidas Performance Messi Soccer Ball4
Nike Pitch Soccer Ball (White/Black) (Size 5)4

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Soccer Ball For Kids:

1. Size 1 Soccer Ball

2. Size 2 Soccer Ball

3. Size 3 Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball For Adults:

1.Size 4 Soccer Ball

2. Size 5 Soccer Ball


What is the difference between Size 4 soccer ball and a regular ball?

There’s 3 main differences between the two.

One of the most obvious is size.

This is a size five, and this is a normal regulation size 4 Soccer Ball which is about a size four if you’re used to judging. Soccer ball sizes based on the normal ones. Also the Size 4 Soccer Balls comes in a junior which is about a size three compared to a normal soccer ball.

The 2nd difference is the coding.

 size 4 soccer ball.
size 4 soccer ball.

The Size 4 Soccer  balls get to have a little bit stickier coding on it so when you’re playing inside on a gym floor or on a tiled floor. The ball’s just not going to slide and not roll but since it’s a little stickier it’s going to roll and it’s also going to help stick to your foot when you trap it.

The 3rd difference is the Bouncing.

But the third and biggest difference between the two is in bounce. A normal soccer ball inside is going to bounce a lot whereas a Size 4 Soccer Ball based on what it’s made of inside is going to bounce once or twice and then it’s going to stop so I’m going to step back and show you the Difference in the bounce between a Size 4 Soccer Balls and a regular ball. Now I’m going to show you the difference in bounce between a Size 4 Soccer Ball and a regular ball.I’m going to drop it from the same height and you’re going to notice it immediately as you can see, the Size 4 Soccer Ball only bounces once or twice Whereas the soccer ball is going to bounce a lot like a basketball on a hard surface So if you’re indoors playing Size 4 Soccer Ball, make sure you get yourself a good Size 4 Soccer Balls .

Indoor size 4 soccer ball
Indoor size 4 soccer ball


Why a Size 4 Soccer Ball doesn’t bounce?

We cut open one of our Rio XLS Size 4 Soccer Balls, and we’re going to pull out the secret: the bladder In a normal soccer ball, the bladder will be empty inside. When you fill it full of air, the bladder gets hard. When that bladder or the ball comes into contact with the foot or the ground the shock that it receives because it’s Hard transfers to the ball and the ball flies. It also makes the ball lighter Because there’s nothing inside the bladder.Now in a Size 4 Soccer Ball there’s this stuffing that’s inside of it And you can see I can pull it out That stuffing let’s less air into the bladder and also deadens the shock. When you kick the ball or When the ball hits the ground which is why when you drop a Size 4 Soccer Ball it only bounces once or twice .


Why we need Size 4 soccer ball:


Size four soccer ball are used in skilled training. It is necessary to train young footballer with size 4 soccer ball. now a days futsal soccer usess size four soccer ball. Beach football also uses size 4 soccer ball sometimes. Futsal league now a days very interesting and amazing league to watch. in this league we often use soft size four soccer ball.


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