How to select best Size 3 Soccer Ball is a million dollar question. From this article you can learn all about size 3 soccer ball.

How do you buy a size 3 soccer ball?

Ball PictureBall NameBall Size Available
Champion Sports Extreme Tie Dye Soccer Ball - Size 53-4-5
adidas Performance Confederations Cup Glider Soccer Ball, Solar Red/Silver Metallic/Black, Size 53-4-5
adidas Performance Champions League Finale 18 Capitano Soccer Ball, Light Pastel Green, Size 41-3-4-5
Under Armour Desafio 395 Soccer Ball Size 53-4-5
Mikasa Serious Soccer Ball (Black/White, Size 4)3-4-5
Vizari Blossom Soccer Ball, Pink/Blue, 33-4-5
adidas Performance X Glider II Soccer Ball, White/Solar Green/Black, Size 43-4-5
Mitre 5 Manto V12S NFHS Hyperseam Soccer Ball5
adidas MLS Glider Soccer Ball, White/Blue, Size 51-3-4-5
adidas Performance Starlancer V Soccer Ball, Bright Pink, Size 3 - CW32383-4-5
Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball - Size 53-4-5
adidas Performance Messi Soccer Ball1-3-4-5
Nike Premier League Strike Ball [Yellow] (5)5
Nike Pitch Soccer Ball (White/Black) (Size 5)3-4
adidas Brazuca FIFA 2014 World Cup Official Match Soccer Ball-G736175
Wilson Traditional Soccer Ball - Size 45

If you have not any ball you can buy it from here

Soccer Ball For Kids:

1. Size 1 Soccer Ball

2. Size 2 Soccer Ball

3. Size 3 Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball For Adults:

1.Size 4 Soccer Ball

2. Size 5 Soccer Ball


Well, my answer to them is always to go by what the league requirements are.

So that depends what age category the player’s going to be at. Normally, balls come in three sizes. You have five, four, and three. Size 3 Soccer Ball, and it’s always shown on the ball. It’s actually, we can see right here, its number three. It’s normally for players eight years or younger. So the younger the player, the smaller the ball is.

Then we’ll move to the next category, which is a size four. And that normally is for players about eight to twelve. Might be eight through eleven. And then we move to the size five, which is for twelve years and older, including adults including for adult playing as well.


What should be your determination about Size 3 Soccer Ball?


So, once you determine the size, then you’ve got to decide, how serious are you about the game? Because soccer balls can be a little expensive. If you’re in youth soccer, my recommendation is to actually just get a practice or training ball.

How much I have to spend to get Size 3 Soccer Ball?


I can describe that a little bit in three categories. You have professional match balls, which are the balls that they use in international tournaments such as the World Cup. These balls are very expensive. They meet all the FIFA requirements. And they have the sponsor logo of that international organization on the ball. Then you have the other group of balls, which is the match balls. That’s what they use in college or high school. These are very good balls again. Not as expensive as the International soccer balls for the international matches. But they’re still to be a little bit expensive.


Training with Size 3 Soccer Ball


And then we move into the lower end category, which is the recreational or Training balls, which is what we have here today. All these three balls are in three different sizes, and they’re all for training. One thing to note is that the quality of the ball doesn’t necessarily improve by the price. So, sometimes you might be paying just for a logo, or because you’re buying a ball that has the logo of a soccer team. So that could be, you know, if you’re buying a ball that has the logo of a very well-known club, then the price might be a little higher.


My Recommendation about Size 3 Soccer Ball


So normally for youth soccer I recommend to buy balls that are about, in the price range of about twenty dollars. You can buy a good training ball that ranges in the price of fifteen to thirty dollars. I wouldn’t spend more than twenty-five actually. You know, as a coach I go through so many balls, you know sometimes they get left in a park or sometimes people kick them and we forget to pick them up, and then the next day we go to the park and they’re no longer there. So, you know, it’s just you’re going to through a lot of balls. My suggestion is just to buy your regular training soccer ball. That’s good enough for young players. And just, you know, watch what your coaches are requiring for your player to have. So, I hope this helps you. So good luck buying a soccer ball next time.


Size three Football are ideal for little people who want to learn soccer game especially in academy. Soccer Three soccer balls come out as a different combination of panel as requested and can be printed up to four spotted colors. Size three footballs are designed for 6-9 age kids. These ball has 32 panels and the upper layer of this ball is PVC type that’s why this ball is very durable and easy to control. You can practice your all type of skill training with this ball. This ball is ideal for juniors and this ball really improve their confidence. That’s why this ball is so important.


Who use Size 3 Soccer Ball?


There are a lot of football academies. Some football academy has a very good quality like Barcelona, Liverpool, Real Madrid, Man Utd, and Bayern Munchen. They produce a lot of young talents every year. The main theme of these football academies is to train young players.


We know all practice makes a man perfect. These club train their players from a very young age and makes them perfect. This clubs have to use size 3 soccer balls to train their young talented players.


I am an adult. Can I use Size 3 Soccer ball?


Yes you can. Soccer is a universal game. It is the most exciting game also. You can buy a size 3 soccer ball and start playing with your kids as well as friends.