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How To Shoot Soccer Ball Like A PRO

Shoot soccer ball is pretty basic in soccer game. Every one needs to know how to shoot soccer ball. this article is about How To Shoot Soccer Ball Like A PRO.

Why It Is Important To Learn How To Shoot Soccer ball:

In football game we need to know how to shoot soccer ball. Without shooting we cannot play football and without shoot soccer ball we cannot give pass and in front of the goal post without shooting we cannot score a goal as well. So every one needs to learn how to shoot soccer ball perfectly. this article will help you to shoot a soccer ball like a professional footballer.

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How To Shoot Soccer Ball (Step By Step) :

Today we learn about shooting and if you are a beginner this is perfect for you if you're a little bit more advanced there's something in it for you as well at the end we're going to go through a very simple shooting drill.

first I'm going to take you guys to the basics and right after that we'll get straight to the drill okay let's do it guys basics of shooting .

have a look down here at your feet what you should already know so we don't want to use our toe obviously and because we're shooting we're not going to use here for now and we're not going to use here all right all your shots would be basically connecting right there okay so really simple the basics my plant foot next to the ball not touching the ball but pretty close to the ball you lean over the ball.

shooting a soccer ball

Tighten your stomach you don't be leaning back that's going to send your shot way over the bar okay so we lean over a little bit your plants much here you are going to be shoot with your left foot.

lean over your arms are out for balance when you strike the ball right where you want to strike. I said once I strike you follow through your kicking foot you do not always have to follow through and land on your kicking foot the game will dictate whether or not you need to do that type of shot how much power it does it got pushing you all right but perfect form coming in there follow-through like that.

keep your head down don't worry about seeing the ball go in you will know that it's going in what we're going to do is I'm going to take a few shots for you guys then we're going to show you a quick and simple shooting drill that you can do by yourself all right so it's much easier to hit a ball that is standing perfectly still what you guys are also going to need to know how to hit a ball that's moving and rolling so when we're doing that we don't want the ball right up on us right here.

shoot a soccer ball
shoot a soccer ball

it makes it very hard for us to get power okay put it right here might make the ball dip a little bit we talked about that much later what you want take that touch a little bit wide a little bit outside of yourself we have wind here so that's why the balls movement so what's wrong with that pause just a little bit enough that we could step into it and really push through our shot so in doing that I'll do the right foot in doing that know that you just want to take cut out there like that allows you to shoot make sure to lock your ankle

when you have a flimsy ankle and it's flopping around you're not going to get any power on your shot okay just one lock your ankle I'm way away from the goal the only way for me to get that goal or don't even have a chance for me to lock my ankle follow through lean over tighten your stomach keep your head down like that get enough power and hopefully you'll practice enough to get enough accuracy on your shots .

shooting a soccer ball
shooting a soccer ball

we got our ball set up here I have four balls I have one cone you don't need the cone it's a marker but as you know I like to incorporate some cardio and some Fitness into all the drills that way we don't waste time because you can work on your shooting and you can work on your fitness at the same time.

let me just explain it real quick we have our cone here right in the middle of the goal be awesome if you have a goalie if you don't it doesn't matter alright the drill very simple I'll run out here five two ball set up on this side I have two balls on that side depends on how many balls you have if you have a bunch of balls you can set up as many as you want all right but I'll start here I'll come to the left I'll take a shot I'll run back around the cone take shots on the right around the cone my next ball come right back around and do that you can vary up how you how you run back .

I might take a shot one time and run back like this and then come in there alright so change it up but obviously today it's going to be very simple because what we're doing is just working on the shooting okay so let's try this that's how you do the drill to practice that definitely help you

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