How to Juggle A Soccer Ball | Beginners Tutorial

Welcome back today I'm going to be showing you some basics of Juggle a Soccer Ball and show you some tips to improve your juggling.


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Why We Need To Learn Juggle a Soccer Ball:

Now I am moving forward first reason to practice your juggle a soccer ball is simply to improve your ball control. Now when you're watching the best players in the world they look like the ball is stuck to their feet like glue. Everything looks so simple for them so this is a fantastic way to improve that their first thing of all control.

Player Juggling A Soccer Ball Well
Player Juggling A Soccer Ball

Secondly juggle a soccer ball develops and helps improve your first touch.  Now you first start sometimes either that's how to be here or along the ground.  What you can do is sometimes if you don't have a partner to pass to and to improve. Next best thing is to actually work on juggling because this will improve that that first touch for you for the future.

Thirdly juggle a soccer ball actually something that is really important for you young players is developing and improving that confidence with the ball. The more confident you are the better you feel.

Fourthly juggle a soccer ball also develop your muscle memory this is really important because the more you do it and the more you get better at it it develops a muscle memory.  It makes things easier like shooting passing crossing.

All these sort of technical elements the more you practice for juggling the easier all become so that's Four reasons why you should be juggling as much as you can.

How We Can Start Juggle a Soccer Ball :

From there now we can start looking at how we can start juggling. If you're a beginner I appreciate some of you might be already advanced in this already. But if we're just starting off for beginners it is the first thing that you can already look to do to start improving your juggling. First exercise as you're dropping it and kicking it and catching the ball again simple. That start getting used to the feeling of having to kick the ball back up to your hand. We've let the ball balance use your other foot as well and try and spin it back up to get used to bringing the ball back towards you.

Juggling with soccer ball
Juggling with soccer ball

Don't want the ball going out towards the sides or out towards in front of you. Drop the ball catch it again other side catch it again other side catch it again now you see that I'm trying to get a little bit of backspin as well. When you're doing that it makes juggling a whole lot easier because the ball is coming back to every single time. So you can do this look to do this as many times as you want before you start feeling comfortable.

Once you start feeling comfortable with that then move on to without a balance. Straight down to your foot catching again straight down to your other foot catch it again. That was important when you're doing these and what have you do with your stronger side. You're doing with your weak aside because we're juggling.

You must be able to develop and use both sides you've of your feet as you're progressing. Once you get comfortable with that practice there then you can start using the one where you're juggling their twice. Try and get two in a row alternating feet sometimes you can even try same foot just start getting comfortable with having the ball in the air all the time.

Player Juggling A Soccer Ball
Player Juggling A Soccer Ball

For two juggles then you can start moving it on try three and as you go you progress try and get yourself up to ten and this is what I'd say is the best way to begin to help improve that confidence. Juggling can't be difficult at times and the idea is don't get disheartened.

If you make mistakes try and just start slowly and build up really slowly as well. Don't try and push yourself too far ahead too soon. Now if you've got yourself really comfortable with that and you got yourself up to 1020 juggles and you're comfortable with kicking it in the air and then catching it with your hand.

Then you can start already now to try and pick the ball up from the ground this is where the ball usually is. So you've got to learn how to pick it up and so you're flicking it up and get yourself into the juggling again.

How To Juggle A Soccer Ball
How To Juggle A Soccer Ball

Now what you can do is do 20 juggles like you've done before put it on the on the ground again hook it up again and go again. This just develops the ball control your first touch and your confidence. Those four points that we talked about and you can start to really master the ball now.

Points We Need To Remember To Juggle A Soccer Ball:

When you're juggling it's important that you don't extend your foot like that and you don't curl your foot all the way up like that. What you want to do is kind of lock your foot in there so the ball is actually striking the top part of the foot here and what you want to do is flick it up. So you're getting that backspin. So as the ball is coming down its flicking it up looking up with backspin a little bit of backspin. Flicking it up so you can see there hopefully you'll see when I slow it down that the part of the area that I'm using is here you so that's the article there of the basics of juggling make sure you go out and practice it I hope you've enjoyed the article .

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