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History of Soccer (Football) That We Don’t Know



History of Soccer (Football) is not new. It is very old game. You must surprised  to know that ,football has a long an fascinating history. according to sources it has been found that the sport was first introduced in 1170 in an account which describes a group of youngsters going to play the ‘game of ball’. Traits of the game can be tracked back to China in second and third century BC. Records taken from the military books describe the Chinese playing a game which was an exercise known as Tsu’Chu where the players used a ball made of leather stuffed with hair and feathers.

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kids playing Soccer
kids playing Soccer

The main aim of the game was to put the ball into the net fixed on bamboo sticks and at the same time defend themselves from attacks. Variants of the game were also found in documentations of Greek and Egyptian society which proves that the game has been played through the ancient history. The English used an animal bladder for the ball which was inflated. People were getting infatuated with the game and in 1300’s Edward II had to impose ban on playing the game as people stopped practicing archery and played football; archery was important for war.

Edward II was not the only one to ban the game; Edward III, Oliver Cromwell and Henry IV also followed his footsteps and banned football. The game was not lost and re-emerged and continued to grow in acceptance, principally amid the waged classes, playing football was a chance for them to socialize with people who belonged to the same class. Since there were no referees or any rules the players often got into fights and took is personally most of the times and carried their grudges outside the field and destroyed each other’s homes, property and business. One of the causes was too many players in a field; it often reached to 1000.

The problem rose so much that in 1830 highway act was passed, which stated that anyone playing football on the highways would be fined. Addiction to football rose above the divisions of society and in the 18th century became famous at schools. This became the background for creation of certain set of rules for the game.

Evolution of Soccer Rules :

Lets talk about the evolution of in Soccer History Of Soccer (football). A meeting of 1848 at Cambridge finalized the rules delineating throw INS, goal kicks and goalies rights which are still in use today. These were stepping stones to the rise of football club teams and bigger national and international events. The English have played an important role in the widespread of the game, in its present initiation, across the globe.

First Soccer Match in History of Soccer (Football) :

To know about Football Or Soccer History we have to know about 1st soccer match. In History Of Soccer (football) The first match was held outside Europe was in 1867, Argentina which was hosted by many British who worked abroad in those days. Initially played solely by men the women have also been playing the game from the end of19th century.

When Soccer Became Famous:

In History Of Soccer (football) this game started to become very popular. The game became quite famous at the time of World War. Women who worked in industrial labor always met together to play the game. A women’s team from Preston was the first to enter into an international game against Paris. The Football Association considered women’s football to be incongruous and there was a ban on the game for some time after the World War I.

The English Women’s FA removed the ban in 1971, since then the game has become popular in Britain and other countries. Teams like Everton, Arsenal and Chelsea have female teams who play both for home and international games. In History of Soccer (Football) There were some disasters also. Many people died from these disasters such as Heysel Stadium disaster in 1985 and Hillsborough disaster in 1989 . In Football has come a long way from its modest beginnings many years ago.

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Football or soccer game Equipment:

To play football or soccer game first of all we need A football First. If we play football for enjoyment only then we need a nice football and a small goalpost.

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