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Hi everyone so today I’m going to be doing a review of the Dockatot. Dockatot reviews will be very hard. You mast use it to review this item. Now if you have been on the internet searching for new baby products you have seen the Dockatot. I was online searching for new baby products this doctor top pop up and I was like what is that I’ve never heard of that. I did not know anything about this. When I looked it up the price was about hundred and sixty five dollars. I saw the reviews and the reviews were like four and a half stars in above on every single website that I checked. People were just raving like this is a miracle worker. They said you have to have this pillow if you’re going to have a baby now.



Dockatot Reviews
Dockatot Reviews



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Necessities of Dockatot Reviews:

At The First Time I didn’t have it and everything turned out just fine. In the beginning my husband did not want to spend $200 on a pillow. After we brought our baby home our baby just cried all night. I just put her in a crib she was fine she slept. My other one he just cried all the time and finally I decided to get this pillow. Reason is that I’m the one who’s getting up with him. In this article I’m going to give you my review since I’ve had it. I’ve had it for about four months and I’m going to give you the pros and cons.It worth the hype and it should be a good fit for you. I know if you look at reviews online everyone’s saying like get it get it get it it’s worth of money.

I definitely don’t think it’s a product if you will not buy this your baby’s not going to be able to function. This pillow definitely has a lot of pros to this product but there are some cons I’ve experienced with this product. Before I get into the review I want to give a little history about the company that I’ve got from the website. It is a little background information. The company was founded by Lisa Berlin. Don’t know if I’m pronouncing that right. She basically lives in a town that had a seaside and docks. The name Dockatot is from that dock I think.


  • Design is so good and making is extraordinary
  • Very portable and very helpful in traveling
  • Easy to transition from bassinet to crib
  • Infants feels comfortable and sleeps well in it.
  • Can be used as bed, playing particles, lounger and as well as carrier.



  •  Washing problem.
  • You cannot fold it.
  • Replacement of cover is not easy
  • It is expensive


History of Dockatot Name:

The name is quite catchy like oh look I got my Dockatot. Oh have you seen my docket ah it’s so cool. Her mission was creating a multi functional pillow that was stylish and luxurious. Parents can use this and they can feel their babies are safe and comfortable on it. The idea is that the Dockatot is supposed to represent the mother’s womb. The material is breathable and non-toxic it’s been tested rigorously. It is also compliant with the federal law of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission product standards. That means it’s been tested after we got it. I had this impression that when I was going to get this product it was going to be a miracle-worker.

This Dockatot is going to shut my baby up. Hopefully I was going to be able to sleep eight hours a night. Oh it did not happen for me as soon as I put my baby in the socket. He just screamed and cried and wanted me to pick him up. My husband gave me a hard look like oh you thought this was supposed to be a miracle worker. So if you’re getting it because you just want your baby to not cry anymore this is not going to happen. I will say that in night when your baby falls asleep he sleeps longer. Probably two hours more than the normal time. Two Hours More sleep was Very good for me. That’s why I praise this little good thing.

Best Dockatot reviews
Best Dockatot reviews



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Dockatot Reviews Overview:

Dockatot can be used by both boys and girls. It is Machine washable thing. There is a zipper in the bottom. A piece of board in the bottom to retain the shape of a Dockatot. There is a buckle in the bottom to help you to change the diaper. When your baby is taller than the Dockatot then you can also keep open the buckle. There is couple of handles in the top and in the side which makes much easier to carry your baby. The Dockatot is very lightweight and it’s very hard to express it is made of very quality materials. It is so lightweight that a two years old kid can grab this up.

This dockatot does not need so many spaces and it can be placed between your balish in your king size bed. It is portable and can be carried out every corner in your room and everywhere you travel. There is a nice little boundary around the Dockatot which gives you much more security. Dockatot comes along with a nice strong plastic bag. The plastic bag has handle which gives you freedom to carry a Dockatot everywhere while you are not using this. Dockatot is a multipurpose product which can be used for chilling resting and snuggling.

Best Dockatot Reviews 2
Best Dockatot Reviews 2



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Types of Dockatot:

There are two types of Dockatot. They are
1. Dockatot Deluxe plus.
2. Dockatot Grand.
Deluxe can be used for zero to eight months old baby. Dockatot grand is for nine months to three years old kids. Deluxe plus is for infants and grand is for toddlers. It’s important to find out the right size for your baby when you want to purchase a Dockatot. The main differences between the two are most obviously the size. Deluxe Plus is 18 by 29 inches and the grand is 24 by 39 inches.

If you open the buckle of the Dockatot Deluxe plus gives you additional 5 inch and deluxe grand gives you additional 8 inch. Deluxe grand has more than two pound weight than deluxe plus Dockatot. Lots of times parents will see the size of the deluxe plus and think that it’s too small for their baby. Actually the deluxe Dockatot is created specifically for newborns up to around 8 months old lying on a flat surface. Sometimes be really hard for tiny babies.

Best Dockatot Reviews
Best Dockatot Reviews



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Dockatot Deluxe plus Vs Dockatot Grand

Dockatot deluxe plus has a Swedish design that mimics the womb and creates a comfy feeling around your baby to help them feel secure. For anyone who is putting your infant in the grant won’t create that same snuggly feeling. The bumper is denser on the deluxe plus which means it’s more supportive for your baby and better during tummy time. Many babies end up sleeping in the deluxe plus even longer than a month because of houses snug and comforted they feel in the smaller size.
A few of the differences to mention the deluxe plus is not intended to be used in a crib bassinet or other contains sleeping space. It’s important to keep the Dockatot away from a wall or other vertical structures. If baby were to move between the Dockatot and a side structure that could be dangerous as they could become entrapped. Stick to using your deluxe plus duct on a flat firm stable surface. The grand is actually a great way to transition your toddler out of the crib and into a toddler bed. The bumpers act as kind of a vent guard to let them sleep more confidently without the fear of rolling out. One thing to know you never want to put the grand on a service higher than your toddler can handle by themselves.



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Dockatot Reviews (Positive sides):

Why I think it’s worth the money so if you are going to Co sleep with your baby get this product go online order it now. It’s amazing for Co sleeping. If you have a king-size bed your baby can sleep right between you in the Dockatot. Dockatot must position where your pillows are so the blankets won’t go overhead. It’s amazing for that especially if you’re breastfeeding. You can just pick them don’t have to get a crib or a bassinet or anything. For this reason it is worth the money and it is extremely safe. Another good reason why I think it’s worth the money is if you’re traveling. If you’re a person who travels a lot this is really good. Your baby has same comfort when you are travelling.

Your baby feels that they are at the home for the comfortable journey with a Dockatot. It has a really good review. Look at the reviews like that’s what suckered me into buying it is. It has some amazing reviews which prove that it is working for many moms over there. If a product has really good reviews then you know it’s worth checking it out. If you read some of the review you may found that for someone it is number one priority. It has a cool little zipper and super easy to clean. This is a breakaway so that breaks away so easy and it opens up. It can be taken anywhere. When you go someplace outside your home your baby is safe on this Dockatot and he’s not going to get out he loves it as you can see he just is chilling in it.



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Dockatot Reviews some more Positive sides:

When you go to change his diaper it just feels weird just like leaving him on the bed. If you have a Dockatot then you have not to worry about this just go and throw the diaper away. I know that he’s so safe in his Dockatot and he’s not going anywhere. You don’t even have to read back and worry about checking on him immediately. When you have a Dockatot you can monitor your baby very closely. Sure that you will love how close he is. You could hear when he’s like throwing up and I just get up instantly because he’s right next to you.

It is transferable. It’s really tested to make sure that it’s breathable in there for the babies. The Dockatot is made from a hundred percent cotton which is absolutely amazing. You want the best for your baby and I feel this is the best type of fabric. You will be so blessed to be able to give him nothing but the best and you will be truly so blessed with this product just as much as I’m so blessed with this. It is the most amazing multi-purpose little bed for your baby.



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Dockatot Reviews (Negative Sides):

I experienced some cone of this product. These are just my opinion. A lot of people just love this product there are a lots of review out there. I hate washing this thing. When you take this Dockatot off the zipper is huge. Getting this back in is a pain. There’s two parts of it. You take one part out of another part out wash it by itself dry it with no heat. It’s a pain because in my case my baby spits up all the time.

If every time they spent on this I should wash it every single day. So I have to put a blanket under it otherwise I would just be washing it all the time. Now you can buy another cover but I am NOT spending eighty five to ninety five dollars on another cover. Another problem is that this Dockatot have fitting problem. If your baby is healthy enough then after a certain month your baby may not fit in this Dockatot anymore. In this case you can buy the bigger one. I think Dockatot may not be worth of it for some of you it may be worth of it for someone.

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Last Word of Dockatot reviews:

If you want to give this Dockatot as a gift I think it will be great. I truly know that anyone who receives this is absolutely going to be in love with it. Whatever works for you for your children whatever age they are I really recommend it. I just wanted to share my cool little newborn must-haves that I’ve been utterly obsessed with and I wanted to offer it to you guys because I truly think it is the most beneficial baby product you could have for your newborn and you want the best for them I hope you guys are having a sun-kissed day.

I think it is little bit of pricy but they are very good investment in case of you have more than one baby. The grand is the larger version of the deluxe and it is meant for children of 29 to 36 months or 22 to 40 pounds. This is also something that my son really enjoyed lounging around the house. It’s really comfortable and soft and it’s breathable so it’s something your baby just kind of enjoys lounging around in which is nice to have. If your toddler is having trouble transitioning to a toddler bed, I’ve heard a lot of success stories that it was a nice transition to put this on a toddler bed with the bottom clipped. I think you will like my Dockatot reviews article. Ta Ta Bye Bye for today.


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